The first Steering Committee Meeting was held after 4 months from the start of the project (February 15th, 2022), as foreseen in the project proposal, in the presence of all the partners (IMM-CNR, IPCB-CNR, NICPB) and Greenertech (a start-up that sustains enterprises in developing industrial-scale innovative solutions for wastewater treatment), that already demonstrated their interest in the project.

Giuliana Impellizzeri (IMM-CNR), Principal Investigator (PI) and WP1 (Management and Coordination) leader of the ANTÌBIO project, chaired the Steering Committee Meeting 1. After the welcome speech, she reported the activities carried out in the framework of WP1, with particular regards to the planned deliverables and milestones.

Maria Cantarella (IMM-CNR), coordinator of WP2 (Molecularly imprinted inorganic materials), reported on the experimental work done in the first 4 months of the project. The activity advances of WP2 are in accordance with the timeline reported within the Gantt chart of the ANTÌBIO project. The design and the synthesis of the inorganic photocatalysts were performed by the CNR-IMM research team, as well as the evaluation of the photocatalytic properties of the obtained materials.

Sabrina Carroccio (IPCB-CNR), coordinator of the IPCB unit and WP3 (Molecularly imprinted organic materials) leader presented the advances of the research work, that are consistent with the timeline described within the Gantt chart of the project. The Synthesis of monomer was already achieved. The design, synthesis, and characterization of organic photocatalysts, properly functionalized, were performed by the IPCB research team, as well as the characterization of the obtained products.

After a break of 30 minutes, Andrea Scamporrino (IPCB-CNR), responsible of WP 5 (Dissemination and Exploitation) presented the activities carried out so far. After the speech on the logo, the templates and the website, Andrea announced that the application for a symposium at the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) has been accepted. The symposium, entitled “Advanced Materials for Environmental Challenges”, will be held in Strasbourg from 29th May to 2nd June next year, during the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2023.
Giuliana Impellizzeri underlined the importance to sponsor the E-MRS symposium organized in the framework of the ANTÌBIO project, so to give an international visibility to the project.

The milestones were both fulfilled, as described above.
It was agreed that the next Steering Committee Meeting will be organized together with the first Advisory Board meeting. The meetings will held on line in week 43 (October 24th – 28th, 2022). This will be the occasion to have a lecture from one members of the Advisory Board. The PI will invite the members of the Advisory Board to attend the meeting and will ask Yaron Paz to give an open lecture via Zoom on that occasion.
The PI concluded the meeting underlining that a hard work has been done in only 4 months, thanks to the enthusiastic involvement of all the project participants.

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